Improved AP SWING feeder!

Improved AP SWING – for the same price!

AP SWING has gone through an optimization process in order to achieve further improvements. Now the feeder is even stronger, i.e. the barrier shackles are mounted on the frame, so that the weaners cannot make any pressure on the water pipe. Besides, the water valve is now of a higher quality, which ensures more secure water supply.

AP SWING can be purchased as a basic model with the options to upgrade with additional elements, i.e., refitting with water circulation, additional fittings for free-standing feeder or WTF-shackles. The WTF-shackles prevent the weaners from passing the feeder next to the water pipes, which is very practical in weaner units.

AP SWING feeder is easy to mount, and it is possible to choose between U-posts and L-posts – depending on the animal unit materials. Alternatively the feeder can be free-standing.

For weaners, WTF and finishers

With 4 different types, MIDI, MAXI, MIXI and DOUBLE, for weaners as well as finishers, the AP SWING feeder meets the need for feeding in the interval 6-120kg, according to the different growth stages of the pigs.
Attached file:    SWING_GB (11630 Kb)

Delivering & packaging of AP SWING feeders

To avoid damages / deformations of the AP SWING feeder, upon delivery following measures must be taken: 
  • Do not place the feeders in the sun 
  • Unpack the feeders directly after delivery 
  • In case above measures are not taken, AP Company cannot guarantee for the quality of the feeders

Mounting guide

AP SWING user guide

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