One company - four brands

With a common ownership by Jyden, AP Company together with the companies PanelTech and MHJ Agroteknik are a part of the concept "One company - four brands".

With four individual brands, we are able to offer full-line solutions, and in addition to stall equipment our product range also includes feed and transport systems, flooring, ventilation and air cleaning.

We want to assist you through your purchasing process and make it much more convenient for you as a a customer.

AP Company provides standardized pig housing equipment, including feeders and flooring. The focus is competitive housing equipment made of durable PVC planking.
AP Company is primarily operating on the export market.

Jyden is focused on customized solutions with a high level of details – and for both dairy and pig productions. In pig houses the equipment is made of fiber glass or fiber material which is very durable and easy to clean.
Jyden is primarily operating on the Scandinavian and German market but does also export to other markets.

PanelTech is a niche business brand, distributing panel systems for pig environments in regards to weaners, finishers, loose gestating sows and boars, gilts and sows. The key word is flexibility – due to design and mounting which makes the project procedures very easy to handle.
PanelTech is primarily operating on the Scandinavian market.

MHJ Agroteknik is a complementary brand with a strong focus on optimization of energy and environmental advantages.
MHJ Agroteknik has specialized in three main product areas:

  • Ventilation – natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation (especially the EC-ventilation which is able to reduce up to 75% on electricity), chimneys and manage systems. 
  • Air cleaning – chemical (capability up to 90% NH3 reduction)
  • Feed and transport systems – dry feed systems, pipelines and silos etc.
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