Farrowing pen

Functionality and animal welfare are top priorities

  • The design of the Welfare farrowing crate gives the sows more freedom to move. It also provides animal welfare at the farrowing pen. 
  • The sow finds it easier to move from a position lying on her stomach to a position lying on her side. 
  • The piglets find it easier to get to the bottom row of teets. This ensures optimal suckling conditions. 
  • The front part of the AP welfare crate is wider to make it easier for the sow to get up and lie down. 
We design your housing unit according to what you want. We use our expertise to offer you the product that matches your exact requirements. 


Farrowing pen with the AP-Welfare crate (adjustable in length and width), Plastic-trough 23L ( Stainless steel-trough 21 L also available) and piglet nest with two openings for the lamp. The pen sides are available as 50cm or 60cm (height).

The rear gate can be tipped over the cleaning opening to prevent the piglets from being hurt during the first days after farrowing. Easy one-hand gate operation.

The AP climate cover is made of impact-resistant PVC. The climate cover is fastened by a click system without use of screws and bolts. Draught will be avoided due to a tight structure of connection. The nest area is flexible to the width of the pen.

Thanks to the material chosen, the lid is light-weight and can easily be connected to a central opening system. The climate cover is very easy to clean.

The pen with drinking cup or sucking valve for piglets.

The cast-iron slat with the integrated, perforated rubber mat helps reducing incidences of shoulder wounds. The holes in the rubber mat provide air to the sow´s skin, while at the same time keeps the mat clean and dry.

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