Finisher pen

Growth and hygiene – the top priorities

When it comes to equipping pigsties, AP Company’s priorities are to provide the best possible conditions for growth and hygiene. The choice of materials ensures both reliability and a long lifespan. We offer a variety of fixtures for pigs.

  • A stainless product with a large gate which can be opened both ways. The gate fits close to the ground so that the walking area is kept clean. 
  • A galvanised fixture which ensures a high level of stability. 
  • A pen system with PVC posts and surfaces as well as a gate that can be lifted and lowered and which fits close to the ground but which raises when it is opened. 
  • Wet feeder side with integrated downpipe. 
  • Dry feeder side with SWING MAXI or SWING DOUBLE for pigs.

We design your housing unit according to what you want. We use our expertise to offer you the product that matches your exact requirements.


The liquid feeding pen side with integrated feed chute is a unique solution which is easy to clean because it leaves the side without small corners. Below the pen side a 1.5mm SS trough with additional stabilization is shown. The liquid pen side also comes with a polyester concrete trough.

Trough of stainless steel and wet feeder including integrated feed pipe.
Pen with SWING MAXI, open contact penning and gate with galvanized posts - combined wiith a raising / lowering function. The gate can be opened and closed with one hand.

The AP hinge solution for a big opening gate. Can be opened and closed with one hand and opens at both ends. The gate is tightly fastened to the floor and minimizes manure at the passage.

Pen with stainless steel penning, SWING MAXI and AP Straw rack.

We offer different water solutions for the weaner-to-finisher pens.

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