Mating crate

Tailor-made solution

B DUO is available in different variations depending on the needs and purpose of the crate. JB DUO is provided with either front pipes, front gate or front gate including front passage and with either saloon rear gate or JB FLEX-rear gate (for gestation units with loose sows). Besides, JB DUO is available in two different lengths, variable width and with the possibility to build-up to a height of 110 cm (standard height is 100 cm). With the  JB DUO it is possible to equip with a boar gate made of panel.     

Efficient production

JB DUO is available with a closed partition at each side of the front. The closed partitions prevent the boar to provoke heat for a neighboring sow, optimizing natural heat stimulation for the individual sow and thereby a lower return rate.

Less risk of injuries

The locking system of the rear gate is very durable and cannot be opened by any loose sows, which minimizes the risk of injuries.
Using the front gate rather than the front pipes ensures that the boar cannot climb up the front rail, thus minimizing the risk of boar injuries and damage of the feeding system.

Optimal working environment

The JB DUO combinations have more advantages, i.e. the front gate with front passage makes it possible for the insemenator to walk upright through the crate. Thus, the front gate can optimize the working environment and reduce the time consumption.
The saloon gate can be open inwards and outwards, which results in a more efficient workflow, when relocating the sow from one section to another.

Long durability

Smart design combined with finish in every detail gives you a functional and flexible equipment with high utility value for many years. JB DUO is equipped with an adjustable foot plate in the rear end, which makes the crate stable, durable and safe. Furthermore, the water supply system is made of stainless steel, which ensures the crate a long durability.  

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