Weaner pen

  • Design and finish which ensure that the equipment is functional, hygienic and easy to clean.
  • Flexible equipment giving the fixtures high utility value and a long lifespan. 

We design your housing unit according to what you want. We use our expertise to offer you the product that matches your exact requirements. 


Weaner pen with micro climate cover. The climate cover is delivered with specially developed hinges that prevent draught. The hoist comes in a manual and electric version.

Pen with gate in full pen width (small gate, width:113cm with PVC-posts and raising lowering function alternatively) and SS Ad libitum trough. Grills as an option. Pen sides either closed or with 1 or two pipes on top of the PVC-profiles.

The AP hinge solution for big gate in the weaner pen can be opened and closed with one hand and opens at both ends. The gate sits tight against the floor and minimizes manure in the passage.

Weaner pen with Ad libitum feeding trough

Weaner pen with Swing MIDI.
The pen is also available with SWING 2009 DOUBLE for weaners.

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